Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chickens love Yogurt!

Did you know that you can feed your chickens plain yogurt? I was doing some research about our chickens and found out that they like yogurt so I went out and bought some to see if it was true. As you can see it is!

It is really cute how they all swarm around the bowl and fight to get in. They dive their beaks is and come up with yogurt all over themselves. Then they shake their heads like a dog to get the excess off which ends up on the other chickens. Then they try to clean off each other. When they are all done they wipe the beaks off on the grass. When we go to get the bowl it is scraped clean, you can see beak marks in the yogurt that is left. Now when we go out to see the girls they look at you like, "wher is my yogurt!"

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