Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My baby boy is 8!

I can't believe that my 2nd child has turned 8!! I don't feel any older then 21 or so! How did this happen! This last Saturday Logan was baptized, which he was sooo excited about! Everytime he would talk about it he would get a huge grin on his face and say, "It looks fun!"

To get ready for the big day we went shopping for his very own suit! We looked at a few and he choose this one, he called it his, "snazzy suit" he loves it!

On the big day we took Logan shopping at Seagull book so he could choose his very own CTR ring. They had quite a few to choose from and he loves this one, he likes to show it to everyone!

We were part of the stake baptism, but were last so it was still nice and intimate. We were able to have a family testimony meeting while we waited for Eric and Logan to come out. It was a very nice day!

It's a BOY!

So it has been a while since I posted anything, and honestly I am not sure that anyone looks at my blog, but I have some time to kill so I thought I would do a post! We are now 21 weeks pregnant with baby #4 and final! We went in at 18 weeks and found out we are having another boy, bringing our total to 1 unhappy girl and 3 rambunctious boys. I ( and Eden) would have loved to even it out with another girl, but our eternal family evidently has 3 boys and 1 girl, so we are just very happy that he appears to be healthy! He was already 9 oz, which normal is about 7.5oz, so maybe he will be our football player! Now we are just trying to figure out a name! With all 3 of the other kids a name came very quickly and just felt right, but here we are 3 weeks later with no solid name! We have a few that we like, a few Eric likes, and a few I like, they are:
  • Jayden
  • Jude
  • Cole
  • McKay
  • McKell
  • Tate
  • Gabrielle

So if you have any suggestions or like one name more then another bring it on! I just want to have a name for this little man!