Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chcken Coops!

This is our inspiration coop that I found on a great website, I think it is soo cute and I won't mind seeing it in our backyard! This is all I could think and talk about when it came to the chicken coop planning and our old friend Mike saw a post I did on FB. His family was also starting the chicken adventure and so he suggested he and Eric make them together! What FUN!

So with nothing but pictures of our inspiration coop and 2 very excited wives Eric and Mike started the building process! We are very proud of our thrifty coops. Mike found most of the wood at building sites from the dump bins and Eric has found siding the same way!

Eric and Mike have been friends since they were 16 so this has been a really fun time to spend together! You can just see the "man power"they are experiencing! They are building 2 identical coops at the same time, they are so awsome!

The siding is starting! I am sooo excited to paint it! I found a cute white cast iron trivet for $5 to use as the decrative window in the peak and then we went to the Restore and found some great blue paint for $5 some white trim paint for $0.80 and cute hinges for $1 each. These are some pretty thrifty coops! We will post more progress reports soon and some pics of the chickens, they are getting huge!

We've gone country!!!

Now that we are living on an acre we decided to go a little country and get some chickens!
We went to Zamzows and let each of the kids pick one, even Jude! It all worked out well, each one picked a different breed so we will be able to tell them apart!

Jonas got a barred rock chicken, it will be black and white. His name changes on a daily basis!

Eden got an Ameruacana, it will lay blue and green eggs. She named her Buttercup!

Jude (you can tell he is really excited) has a brown leghorn who I refer to as Gertrude.

Logan got a golden sexlink, he named her Reeces!