Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last weekend we went camping up at Black Rock, a little ways from Idaho City. We had gone there with my family when Eden was about 1 and we thought it would be fun! We were right! We had a great time!

The first night we made "camp hats" with some foam visors and stickers. The kids had such a fun time and wore them all weekend!

Later that night we made the campfire and made some yummy smores!

The next morning Eric got all the fishing poles ready to go and we went down to the river. Eden actually caught a little one but it got away just at the last second. Later in the evening we went down again and I found the sweet spot! Jude and I (he was in a carrier strapped to my front) caught 2 fish in a row! It was great!

Later in the afternoon we went back down to the river to swim. The kids found this cute little "pool" that was on the bank surrounded by rocks so we sat in that and splashed around. The kids threw rocks and Jude was happy as can be sitting in the water and splashing around!

It was a great weekend filled with lots of quality time together, I hope we made some great memories that the kids will charish for years to come!
I just realized that I forgot to post pics of the kids and the walking sticks they made! Unfortunatly I am tired and the blogger formatting for adding pictures is soooo stupid I am not going to add them! Needless to say we also made some fun walking sticks! We also had a great camp site with a lot of room so we were able to set up a net for volleyball and set up a small baseball field. It was so cute to watch Jonas play baseball, he would hit the ball then run to first, then the pitchers mound then home. He made it pretty obvious we are not a baseball family....but wow, you should see that boy throw a football!

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